Coalition of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses of Indiana

APRN Membership on Indiana State Board of Nursing Needed

Posted 15 days ago

Legislation that will require the Indiana Board of Nursing (IBON) membership to consist of at least two APRNs will be introduced in 2020.  Although APRNs have served on the board in the past, currently, there is no APRN representation among the board’s RN membership.  It is anticipated that this bill will be non-controversial and will pass in the House and in the Senate. In anticipation of this bill becoming law, CAPNI is recruiting applicants for these vital IBON positions. 

Current IBON membership consists of six RN’s, two LPNs and one member of the general public.  The proposed legislation will require at least two of the six RN members be an APRN.  At least one of the APRN members must have prescriptive authority.  All IBON members are appointed by the governor. 

It is essential to have APRN representation on the IBON to address issues related to APRN practice, as well as to advance and safeguard the nursing profession as a whole. The required qualifications and responsibilities of being a member of the board include: 

  • Being a US citizen and resident of Indiana.
  • Nursing members having at least five years of successful experience in the practice of nursing.
  • Attending regularly scheduled board meetings. 

Consider supporting your profession by applying for a position on IBON.  The application process includes completing a financial disclosure statement and undergoing a criminal background check.  Use the following link to initiate the application process.

Contact CAPNI leadership if you require additional information and or discussion.