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State Legislature Office Openings Provides Opportunities for APRN Candidates

Posted about 2 months ago

State Legislature Office Openings Provides Opportunities for APRN Candidates


Have you ever examined the work done by Indiana’s legislators and entertained the idea that you could tackle some of the issues facing our state?   Indiana has a citizen legislature composed of Senators and Representatives from all walks of life and professions.  Now is the time to add Advanced Practice Registered Nurses to the Indiana State House.   Who better is there to represent our patients and our profession.   

Due to resignations and retirements, there will be a number of state offices open to new candidates in the 2020 election.  The following legislators resigned after the 2019 session and have been replaced by appointees. 

  • Senator Randy Head-R, District 18 (Sen. Stacey Donato appointee)
  • Representative David Frizzell-R, District 93 (Rep. Dollyne Sherman appointee)
  • Representative Kevin Mahan-R, District 31 (Rep. Ann Vermillion appointee)

The following are definitely or not likely running for re-election in 2020.

  • Senator Mark Stoops-D, District 40
  • Representative Woody Burton-R, District 58
  • Representative Brian Bosma-R, District 88.
  • Representative Dan Forestal-D, District 100 

These state office openings present a window of opportunity for the voice of APRNs to be heard in the state legislature and in the state of Indiana.    If you desire additional information about pursuing this rewarding challenge, contact CAPNI for direction.