Coalition of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses of Indiana

Legislative Update

Posted 4 months ago by Angela Thompson

SB 394 will most likely be heard in committee in the next few weeks.  During this time it is important to engage your patients, family, friends i.e. consumers to call, email or visit with their representative to garner their support for the bill.  

This is vital to the bill passing and to demonstrate this is all about "patient access" and not a turf battle between two professions.  This is not to say your voice doesn't count, but something the "undecided" legislators will need to tip the vote in favor of SB 394.

This year we have a real chance of the bill passing but we need, need, need legsialtors to hear the voice of the consumer.  With this in mind, a new handout was developed and available for you to print for circulation and/or copy/paste for email distribution.  Just go to the legislative affiars section of the web site.  You can also direct consumers to "Hoosier Healthcare" link at the top of the capni facebook page for additional information.

Happy Advocating!