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February 6, 2019 Legislative Update

SB 394 Advanced Practice Registered Nurse


SB 394 was amended and voted on in the Senate Health and Provider Services Committee today. The bill passed 8-1, with three absentees. If your senator is listed below as voting yes, contact them to express your thanks and to request their continued support.


  • Becker: yes                                    

  • Breaux: yes, reluctantly               

  • Brown: no                                      

  • Busch: yes                                      

  • Charbonneau: yes                        

  • Crider: yes                                      

  • Leising: yes                                     

  • Melton: yes                                     

  • Ruckelshaus: yes                           


Senators Grooms ( , Mishler ( and Mrvan ( absent.

The bill was amended as follows: 

  • Transition to practice without mandated practice contract was increased from one year to three years full time

  • Experienced APRNs are removed as one of the practitioners who are permitted to enter into a practice

  • Gradually phase out podiatrists, dentists and optometrists as practitioners who are permitted to enter into a practice contract with an

SB 394 will now move to the full Senate Chamber. This may be scheduled as early as next week. Therefore, it is imperative that all CAPNI members, non-member APRNs and members of the general public contact their state senator and ask them to support SB 394. To find your senator’s email address:

  • Go to Indiana General Assembly Website

  • Select Legislator tab in the upper right hand corner of the web If you do not know who your state senator is, select the “Find Your Legislator” tab in lower left corner, then select a second “Find Your Legislator” tab.

  • Select ‘Senators’ button. Using the drop down list, locate your senator and select his/her name. This will take you to their

  • From the senator’s page select “Visit Caucus Page”. On this page, the email will be listed. The email address will be in the same format as those listed above. There is also the option to email directly from the senator’s IGA

  • Write support SB 394 in the email subject

  • Use the following message as a guide and personalize as indicated. You can also find suggested letter templates on the CAPNI Website under the Legislative Affairs tab.


Dear Senator                ,

I am one of your constituents and am writing to you to ask for your support of SB 394 Advanced Practice Registered Nurses. As you know, 50 % of Indiana’s counties are health care provider shortage areas. This can be improved by removing an outdated statute that requires ARPNs to have a practice contract with a physician, dentist, podiatrist or optometrist in order to prescribe. This barrier prevents many APRNs from practicing in these underserved areas. SB 394 would remove the practice contract requirement for APRNs to prescribe after a three year transition period.

In the interest of increasing health care access to all Hoosiers, please vote in favor of SB 394 when it comes to a vote in the Senate Chamber on                         (insert date here if and when it is known).

Please contact me if you have any questions. Respectfully,

(Your name and title)

This letter can be sent by you, friends, colleagues and family members. After you complete and send your email, please assist others in personalizing this message to all of Indiana’s state senators.

Cathy Cooper FNP- CAPNI Past President

Angi Thompson FNP-C CAPNI Health Policy Chairperson