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CAPNI Student members looking for a preceptor

Posted almost 2 years ago by ENP Admin

Please email with your name, area of interest, location and distance willing to travel.

We will advertise your need to fellow CAPNI members.


Kimberly Cox over 1 year ago

Kimberly Cox FNP student at Indiana Wesleyan University. I live in Connersville, Indiana. I will be starting my final clinical rotation in June and need 40 hours of primary care. I am willing to travel up to two hours.

Cassandra Tran over 1 year ago

Hello I'm a FNP student at Ball State University. I am willing to travel out 2 hours from Indianapolis or Valparaiso for a Women's Health and Pediatric clinical for Spring of 2018 (90 hours and 120 hours, respectively). Sorry to use the comment section but we can no longer view contact information of available preceptors. Thank you for your consideration!

Billie-Ann Black over 1 year ago

Kimberly we are probably to far away for you. It would take you about an 1 hour and forty minutes from west Lafayette to get here. We are about 40 min from down town Chicago. We are also an hour ahead of you. Plus I take 3 1/2 weeks vacation in the summer so I usually don't precept anyone during the summer.

Cassie, I'm sorry I have already have taken on a student for the spring semester so I won't be able to help. You might want to go to the Munster Community Hospital website and look up the nurse practitioners on the website. I have a couple friends that might be free in the spring/Summer (look for Snezana/ among the other NPs). Everything has to be cleared through our Human Resouce Department first (school contracts have to be on file) you need to ask for Kayhley for cleared if you find someone to precept you.

Good Luck


Melissa Skinner over 1 year ago

Hello, I am a FNP student looking for adult and women's health clinical sites near Warsaw Indiana for Spring and Summer 2019. I would be willing to drive an hour for clinical sites. Any helping setting these up would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Patty Lake over 1 year ago

Patty Lake FNP student with University of Southern Indiana. I live in Greenfield. Willing to travel 1 hour for primary care office preceptorship. Looking for any help with the following semesters Fall 2017 1-2 days/week Aug 24-Dec 12, Spring 2018 2 days per week for 15 weeks starting in January, Summer 2018 10 weeks 3 days a week. Thanks.

Haylei Lorca over 1 year ago

Hello, my name is Haylei Lorca and I am a PMHNP student looking for inpatient or outpatient preceptors for Fall 2017 and/or Spring 2018. I live in Greensburg, IN and I am willing to drive up to 2 hours. I have experience in pediatric/adolescent psych and adult psych and I am willing to do either. I need to complete 300 hours per semester. Thank you!

Beatrice Lopez over 1 year ago

I am an Adult NP working in Ligonier PPG
I usually have 2 students per sememster and am willing to precept whomever is in need. Currently i have 1 student this fall and have 1 scheduled for spring semester. Text me 260 894 5127

Shaun Chalfant about 1 year ago

Shaun Chalfant FNP student at Indiana Wesleyan University and am looking for preceptor starting October 2018. I live in West Lafayette, IN and am willing to drive about an hour and a half. Looking for primary care peds through adults. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Michelle Vallejos about 1 year ago

I will be starting my Pediatric rotation late next year. I am in need of a Pediatric Peceptor. I live in New Haven, IN. I'm willing to travel anywhere for my Peds rotation. Thank you.

Annessa Thayer 12 months ago

I am currently an FNP student at Indiana State University. I am in need of a preceptor in a family practice setting. I am also allowed 80 hours in a urgent care type setting. I am willing to travel about anywhere in the state. I can be reached by email or cell phone. Thanks. or 317-919-2363

Juliana Mwose 11 months ago

Currently looking for a preceptor for Family Practice setting. I can be reached by phone at 5472769831. I am willing to travel. My email is
Thank you.

Melissa Wilkerson 5 months ago

I am in need of a peds preceptor starting November 7 to January 23. Total of 160 hours. I’m willing to travel anywhere in Indiana and also pay for the preceptor. I’m desperate. Please email
Or call/text 5026096637

Arise Uwizeyimana 8 days ago

I am a FNP at Indiana Wesleyan University. I am looking for Women's Health and Pediatric preceptors. I am willing to travel up to 90 minutes out of Indianapolis. Needing 40 hours in Women's Health and 120 hours in peds starting April through September 0f 2019. My email is I can also be reached by phone 317-851-0966. Thank you in advance.

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